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The Stroke Network has been an on-line stroke support organization since 1996. We have provided on-line stroke support and information to thousands of visitors to our site worldwide.

The Stroke Network provides on-line support to stroke survivors and stroke caregivers of adult stroke. Whether it is a family member seeking information after a loved one has suffered a stroke or a stroke survivor them self looking for information or a connection with other stroke survivors, we are here for them. After a stroke survivor is released from their rehabilitation hospital they may not have a local stroke support group or may not be able to attend a group due to transportation difficulties, conflicts with the meeting schedule or communication issues such as speech difficulties due to the stroke. This is where The Stroke Network is so helpful because anyone can log on from anywhere at any time to access information or find support from other stroke survivors or caregivers.

Stroke Survivors, Stroke Caregivers and Health Professionals Welcome!

The lightning bolt is the universal symbol of stroke. Stroke happens that fast and that unexpectedly. There are lightning strikes in the form of stroke happening around the world at least once per minute. Millions of people have suffered this disability and many of them do not have have the benefit of a stroke support group.

Welcome to The Stroke Network website. We are glad that you found us. We are an online stroke support and information group designed to help everyone in the stroke family. Always here, our stroke support group is available 24/7. The purpose of our organization is to provide online support for stroke survivors and caregivers of adult stroke.

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