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Rules and Chat Netiquette Guidelines

The Stroke Network chat rooms are a safe place for stroke survivors and caregivers to chat. We have established these Rules and Chat Netiquette Guidelines to follow in order to ensure that chatting is a pleasurable experience for everyone. Please take a few moments to read through and become familiar with them.

1. It is important to get to know the Chat participants as you would get to know guests in your home. The words you say and the manner in which you say them are a reflection on you and The Stroke Network.

2. Help newcomers learn how to use the double space, turn sounds off and to use the option features.

3. It is not appropriate to monopolize the chat, pressure others to stick to one particular topic or dictate what others say.

4. The Stroke Network does have a policy in place for handling discussion of suicide by a member. If you are chatting with a member who talks about suicide options or intent, you should report the user’s ID, the Chat Room and the time of the discussion to a Chat Host or the Stroke Support Coordinator, immediately.

5. There are no standards for speed of typing or response time, spelling or grammatical errors during Chats. Teasing or calling attention to a guest’s abilities are inappropriate.

6. Chat participants should not make personal attacks on other members or staff, through the use of the Chat Rooms, personal messaging, email or on the Message Board.

7. Use of profanity will not be tolerated and will result in banning from the Chat Rooms.

8. Jokes that may be offensive or that contain sexual, gender or ethnic bashing will not be tolerated.

9. Use of all CAPS is considered shouting and the use of all caps is not appropriate.

10. Newcomers may feel unsure of themselves and uncomfortable. It is important to be friendly and welcoming without being overwhelming.

11. Be respectful of others in Chat. Feel free to express your opinions, however, understand others opinions must be respected.

12. Sounds cause distress to some stroke survivors. Please keep others’ feelings in mind when using sounds. Likewise, the overuse of emoticons is discouraged.

13. Although not forbidden, due to their sensitivity, the topics of politics and religion are strongly discouraged. For this reason, should a member request to change a topic of politics or religion, the request should be complied with immediately.

14. If you find it necessary to leave chat momentarily you should set the status button at the bottom of the screen above the text box to ‘away’. Indicating you are away will let others know you are unable to respond to statements they make to you.

15. You may use the ‘private message’ option to make a private comment to another member but not to ignore the chat room.

16. As an organization and staff, all concerns and complaints are taken seriously and we will do our best to address them. As a member you are expected to honor the services, policies, and guidelines we have established. If you have an issue with any of these, any staff person, or something said in the chat room, please use a private method to communicate your concerns. You should make your concerns known via the contact form to the Stroke Support Coordinator or CEO.

17. Any complaints directed toward a Chat Host must be directed in private. You may ask a question or make a comment through email or via PM. If the question or concern is not addressed to the member’s satisfaction, it should be addressed via the contact form to the Stroke Support Coordinator or CEO.


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